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Marina Pendant White Pearl

SKU: 725330720670 Product price $120.00 $36.00

Pendant Attributes:

Metal: Gold 10K & Sterling Silver 925 (Mix)

Stone: Pearl

Stone Color: White

Collection: Marina   
Categories: Pendants   


BENITO Pendant - Marina, Gold 10K / Sterling Silver 925 with White Pearl, For Women.

✔ DESIGN - A star is born! And, of course, this star is pearl! This pendant attracts attention with its design. Jewelers accentuated the beauty of pearl using a sterling silver 925 rim with blackened patterns on it. Two gold 10K plates, formed a semblance of a shell in which pearl is placed, give elegance and grace to a bead. Stylish and noble at the same time!

✔ METAL  - Gold 10K in combination with 925 Sterling Silver is a great alternative to expensive jewelry. In addition to an acceptable price and the absence of skin reactions, such jewelry has one significant advantage - it is perfectly combined with both gold and silver products. A beautiful gift for a lady regardless of which of these metals she prefers!

✔ STONE  - Pearls are an amazing mineral mined from the depths of water. It captivates with its beauty, the brilliancy of the nacre, the size, the form. This is the only mineral that does not require jewelry processing and cutting. Such stone is recommended for strong-personality persons, brides as well as those who Zodiacs are protected by Moon energy.

✔ GIFT PACKAGING - BENITO Pendant - Marina comes with the original & stylish gift package. Beautiful box, pleasant to the touch as if hinting at what is inside! The leather trim of the box inside gives the package an elegant and luxurious look and emphasizes a priori the refined nature of the gift.

✔ 100% MANUFACTURE WARRANTY - BENITO brand ensures the buyers the best choice of jewelry and offers a great option of BENITO Pendant – Marina buying at the cheapest price and a 100% a year-satisfaction guarantee. We can fix for free the item if you lose a stone or your setting is damaged during normal wear. All our jewelry has undergone internal quality control before they hit the store showcase that in turn guarantees the buyer the high quality of the goods.

✔ BENITO RETURN POLICY - If you are not satisfied with our jewelry item, please feel free to contact us. We provide its return or exchange on any other item you like within 30 days.

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