BENITO Ring - Catalina, Gold 10K / Sterling Silver 925 with White Zircon Stone, For Women.

✔ DESIGN - This new model made of Gold 10K/Sterling Silver 925 differs not only in its beauty and grace but also in strength and reliability. A large white zircon stone in the shape of a hexagon shines brightly at the top of BENITO Ring – Catalina. This charming jewelry really looks expensive but costs cheap. What lady can resist such a luxury?

✔ METAL  - A ring in which Gold 10K and Sterling Silver 925 mixed, creates an unusual visual effect! Both precious metals provide reflectivity, shines, have protective, decorative properties, and do not cause allergic or other unwanted skin reactions. With the subsequent selection of jewelry, the owner of this ring can afford to wear jewelry from both metals.

✔ STONE - Artificial white zircon stones are in many ways as beautiful as natural gems. The transparent stone sparkles brightly in the rays of light shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow. It's difficult to distinguish this stone from a diamond visually. Zircon stones remain attractive for a long time with proper storage of jewelry.

✔ GIFT PACKAGING - BENITO Ring - Catalina comes with the original & stylish gift package. Beautiful box, pleasant to the touch as if hinting at what is inside! The leather trim of the box inside gives the package an elegant and luxurious look and emphasizes a priori the refined nature of the gift.

✔ 100% MANUFACTURE WARRANTY - BENITO brand ensures the buyers the best choice of jewelry and offers a great option of BENITO Ring – Catalina buying at the cheapest price and a 100% a year-satisfaction guarantee. We can fix for free the item if you lose a stone or your setting is damaged during normal wear. All our jewelry has undergone internal quality control before they hit the store showcase that in turn guarantees the buyer the high quality of the goods.

Return Policy

At Benito Jewelry, we are happy to have you as a customer and always want you to have an excellent shopping experience. However, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, it is important to return or exchange your purchase within 30 days of the date of receipt. Any item that needs to be returned has to be in its original condition (without any sign of wear, damage, or alteration). We are not responsible for items that are lost, stolen or brought elsewhere for repairs and any other kind of alteration. For anything related to your purchase send us an email here: 

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