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Blog 1: Choosing the right gemstone.

One of the most obvious ways to choose a gemstone is to search for jewelry that blends harmoniously with the appearance of a person. The outfit, hair color, hairstyle, eyes, body forms, and features of a person are a big clue on the choice of precious jewelry by color. Precious or semiprecious stones are not limited in shades, so choosing a piece of jewelry will not be so difficult.

Human eyes are almost “relatives” of precious stones. The game of their color is as deep and varied as for masterpieces of the jewelry cut. Stones matched to the color of the eyes are good not only for a ceremonial exit, but they will also decorate their owner on weekdays provided that the stone is not too massive. Keep in mind that the gemstone selection directly depends on the combination of hair color and skin too. The best option for the blondes with blue or 'ice' eyes is a selection of stones of cool tones - blue and sparkle.

Jewelry with colored stones of warm shades - yellow and orange are ideal to blondes with golden hair, delicate skin of a warm peach color and eyes of a pale blue, gray-blue or maybe a light golden-brown hue. Warm or rich tones of stones are suitable for the dark, brown-eyed persons, for example, gold jewelry combined with Ruby, Pomegranate, Emerald, Citrine or even Black Diamond. Ladies with dark (black) hair must use the rule of contrasting combinations.

The best color option is platinum, red gold, or brushed silver. As to the stones, it is better to choose the gemstones of a saturated uniform color: red, orange, white, blue. If you have red hair color, we recommend paying attention to stones of green, as well as orange shades. Shiny stones like Diamonds are universal and suitable for everyone, regardless of the color type of eyes, hair, and skin.

Stylists advise considering the color of gems when choosing clothes and makeup to give a finished look to any outfit (since jewelry should be in harmony with the suits or dress). Of course, there is no need to select a stone in the color of clothes. It's enough to get into a warm/cold range or classic combinations. So, a dress of gold color will perfectly complement the Emerald in gold. A purple dress will look great with Yellow Topaz or Sapphire. The color of the stones should correspond to the place and time of the day, do not forget about it.

Jewelry with a gemstone likewise a talisman: it helps you achieve goals, success, and prosperity, find love and understanding. Even those who absolutely do not believe in the effect of amulets and talismans must choose jewelry with gemstones by color. After all, it is undeniable that the color of the gemstones is implicit on the emotional and psychological well-being. Red crystals - Ruby and Red Tourmaline - are good for stress, raise immunity and provide endurance. They are considered amulets from diseases and troubles. Orange stones - Amber, Carnelian, and Orange Coral liberate a person. They strengthen willpower and tolerance towards other people. Yellow stones of different shades that tone the body, improve vision, strengthen the nervous system, and stimulate brain activity. Citrine, Yellow Topaz, Chrysoberyl stimulates appetite and relieves insomnia. Green is the color of immortality and nature itself. Green crystals - Emerald, Aventurine and Jade pacify, give a sense of peace and security, and create a sense of harmony, balance, and freshness. As an amulet, Turquoise, Blue Topaz, and Sapphire, blue gemstones protect from brave actions, resolute and energetic people from careless actions and rash decisions. Violet stones are considered the stones of poets and philosophers. They are symbols of knowledge. Amethyst, Ametrine, and Charoite soothe and strengthen the nervous system. The stones are useful to people in creative professions: they increase performance and contribute to the spiritual growth of the individual.

Black gemstones, like the night, conceal a lot of surprises and magic. Black Agate and Hematite help to overcome fears, to cultivate willpower and courage in oneself. Diamond, Moonstone, White Pearls, Cacholong have long been considered healer stones, talismans of good luck and happiness. White-colored gemstones symbolize purification and augmentation. It’s the color of innocence, high moral qualities, and goodness. They give its owner energy, fortitude, peace of mind and good mood.

The gemstone is a bit of a mystery. It can be either a powerful amulet for its owner or even can hurt. Choose gem according to the Zodiac sign for you to receive all talisman-stone power. This approach will allow you to accurately determine your strengths and weaknesses, and then understand how they can be corrected using the most appropriate amulet. Since minerals are not explicitly linked to the Astrologic signs, this connection can only be attempted to identify indirectly through the patron planets. Each planet has its own color. The bright, juicy red color, of course, belongs to Mars and Pluto, orange symbolizes the Sun, yellow is Venus, green is Mercury, blue is the Moon, indigo is Saturn and Uranus, purple is Jupiter and Neptune. Each color is a conductor of certain energy and symbolically illustrates the influence of stone. Gems have a secret meaning and undoubtedly affect human fate. Pieces of jewelry with gemstones tailored to these nuances will make you admire yourself in the reflection and can completely change your life!

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